New Start-up Launched for Enhancing Clinical Healthcare Education

Louisville-based Founder Vanessa Williams Harvey of DUES24, LLC will soon unveil the first go-to web application of HippoCLINM just for healthcare students and designed to enhance the clinical healthcare education by creating an electronic health record (EHR) environment.  This launch was made possible after receiving early stage, pre-seed investment from state and national resources.

Investment funding via the state has been received from Keyhorse Capital in the amount of $50,000.  Keyhorse Capital invests seed and early-stage venture capital, focusing on supporting entrepreneurs willing to build and scale innovative companies in KentuckyAn additional $5,000 was received from Render Capital’s First Dollar program.  Amplify Louisville, supported through the state government under KY Innovation, has partnered with Founder Forward to provide startup capital, and resources to underrepresented founders in the amount of $15,000.  These startup capital resources, together with the founder’s investment, allowed for the development of DUES24, and the creation of HippoCLIN.

HippoCLIN is best described as a learning, training, and teaching application available on-demand, with 24/7 access.  This web app allows healthcare students, training and managing patient care, to gain valuable experience using an EHR.

HippoCLIN allows students access to an EHR training environment during clinical rotations, for example.  With HippoCLIN, a student can enter patient information, learn standard EHR navigation, and create clinical notes, enter vital signs, and head-to-toe assessments.  Most importantly, healthcare students are able to manage patient care using an EHR, as expected for the world we live in today.  Best of all and for safety purposes, the HippoCLIN training app is HIPAA-compliant and devoid of patient identifiers. 

“It is time for individuals moving into healthcare professions to be empowered to learn for improved efficiencies, timely diagnosis and quality patient care.  The HippoCLIN app is a game-changer for the clinical experience and long overdue. 

It is time for nursing students and other clinicians in training to experience EHR documentation and make a huge impact in healthcare communities,” said Founder & CEO Vanessa Williams-Harvey of DUES24.

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