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A generic approach to biosimilar substitution won’t do

A generic approach to biosimilar substitution won’t do

By Kyle Keeney In Kentucky you don’t have to look far to find the positive impacts of health care innovation. From preventative medicines to new cures, advances in medical technology have been the driving force behind significant improvements in patient health. But as new treatment options are introduced to the market, protecting patient safety has

Medicare Part D Fraud and Specialty Drugs Highlighted in OIG’s 2016 Work Plan

Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) released its Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2016 (“Plan”).  The Plan provides insight into OIG’s potential audit and enforcement activities for the next fiscal year.  While the Plan addresses several different provider types, this article addresses the Plan’s initiatives related only to

New Technology Can Help Prevent Drug Abuse

Throughout history, we have been presented with challenges that demand innovative solutions. Whether it was fashioning tools out of stone to build safe habitats or inventing vaccines to keep us safe from terrible diseases, humans have thrived because we adapt and overcome. Scientific innovation brought forth amazing medicines to alleviate severe pain, and millions have

Patent Legislation Could Harm Healthcare Innovation

By Kyle Keeney The biopharmaceutical firm AbbVie and the University of Kentucky just unveiled a new gel therapy targeting the devastating neurological disorder, Parkinson’s, which afflicts nearly a million Americans. Earlier this year, UK researchers obtained a patent for a Parkinson’s treatment method involving protein injections into the brain. Unfortunately, Congress is on the verge

Kentucky Nonsub Certificate of Need Applications: No More Waiting

By Mark Leach With a new regulation, there is now no more waiting for nonsubstantive review CON applications … when timely filed.  Kentucky’s Certificate of Need (CON) program is going through a process of modernization. As part of this, a newregulation changes the application process for those that receive nonsubstantive review. Before, nonsubstantive review (“nonsub”) applicants

Pharmacists: Aren’t you really providers already?

While the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) ushered in a new era of access to health care, it only served to exacerbate a growing crisis in the provision of health care – lack of providers. As of April 2015, the Health Resources and Services Administration lists the population of the