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Students as solution

By Allison Tu In January of this year, the death of Seven Bridges, a 10-year-old, marked the eighth student suicide in Jefferson County Public Schools in the 2018-19 school year alone. In just seven months, this rate has already far surpassed last year’s three suicides. Kentucky’s students, clearly, are struggling—on the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior

Oral health and the opioid epidemic

By Ted Wong, DDS The opioid epidemic is affecting countless lives and communities across the country, including here in Kentucky. In fact, opioids each day cause more than 130 overdose deaths in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC); and the economic cost exceeds $500 billion annually, according to

Substance abuse treatment with an end goal

By Beth Davisson Year after year, Kentucky proves to be a great place for entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses to call home—especially those in the healthcare sector. Last year, Kentucky reported over $29 million in healthcare investments, bringing hundreds of new jobs. However, these companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain qualified, reliable

Child welfare transformation will improve the lives of Kentucky children and families

It is a staggering, record-high number in Kentucky: 10,000 kids in foster care. Here is another number: 800. That’s how many adults gathered in early January for the inaugural Transformers of Child Welfare Summit. These were social workers, judges, educators, government officials, faith-based community leaders, parents, relatives and others. They are all committed to improving

The Humana Foundation focuses on social determinants of health

By Walter Woods Good health and well-being for all – that’s what we’re committed to at the Humana Foundation. Of the many barriers on the road to well-being, the Humana Foundation is focused on addressing social determinants of health, the conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work and age that affect health and