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Breaking the cycle of addiction

Vivitrol and the promise of abstinence maintenance By Bethany Crotts Treatment for opioid addiction is a multi-faceted problem, as it has proven to be a difficult disease to overcome and no single treatment strategy has been shown to be successful. Treatment programs focus initially on the acute stages of detoxification, with an estimated 80 percent

Preventing polypharmacy in the elderly

Although most are motivated to take medications as prescribed, some fail due to misunderstanding, confusion, forgetfulness. By Carrie Schanen, PharmD Polypharmacy refers to multiple medications being taken concurrently to manage coexisting health problems. Since polypharmacy is a consequence of having several comorbidities, it is more common among the elderly where an estimated 30 to 40

Eliminating frivolous lawsuits

Kentucky enacts medical review panel law regarding malpractice claims. By: Robin McGuffin and Dustyn Jones   On March 16, 2017, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law a bill that requires medical malpractice plaintiffs to obtain an opinion from a panel of healthcare providers regarding the merits of their claims before filing suit in court. The law is an

The future of pharmacy

An increasingly integral part of the healthcare system. By Cindy Stowe     Every day, pharmacists make a difference in people’s lives. Modern healthcare is complex and getting more complicated all the time. Often, patients lack the information they need to make good decisions and may struggle to afford the medications prescribed. Pharmacists are medication

Pharmacy Fraud And Abuse

Operationalizing The New OIG Final Rule In An Integrated Care Environment By: Todd Nova, Gina Geheb and Julie Lappas The role of pharmacists and pharmacies as integral cogs in the patient care continuum continues to grow, thanks in no small part to incentives encouraging integrated and coordinated care designed to enable improved outcomes at lower