Author Archives: Sally McMahon and the Fayette County Detention Center partnership provides care for mentally ill and the Fayette County Detention Center partnership provides care for mentally ill

By Peter Taylor, with contributions by Tiffany Arrows The Treatment Advocacy Center reports over the past decade county jails and prisons have emerged as America’s new asylums housing 10 times more mentally ill persons than hospitals. As many communities struggle to manage this mental health crisis, marks 35 years of mental health services to

Fighting to protect Medicare

  By Ron Bridges AARP Kentucky has just launched a campaign to let Congress know we oppose any plan to increase Medicare costs and risk for seniors and today’s workers. We believe Kentuckians have earned Medicare by paying in with each and every paycheck. Proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system would take healthcare

Keep Your Team Trained and Informed

Office staff is a critical component of a medical practice. Patients often have more interaction with staff than physicians. Properly trained and educated staff can be strong protection against a professional liability claim. Consider the following risk tips for office staff issues: ·     Prepare written job descriptions for all staff. Review each staff member’s job description

Maintain Accurate Medical Records

A medical record is crucial to the defensibility of a case; occasionally it can be the biggest hurdle. The primary purpose of a medical record is to provide a complete and accurate description of the patient’s medical history. This includes medical conditions, diagnoses, the care and treatment you provide, and results of such treatments. A

Set and Review Policies and Procedures

A policy and procedure manual is an important tool for defining practice operations. In well-run practices, there is one set of rules every staff member understands and follows. The alternative is risky—procedures that vary from physician to physician or between staff members make it easy for errors or omissions to occur. Develop a comprehensive manual