August 2013 articles

A reason to smile

Local dentist goes face-to-face with Kentucky’s oral health challenges. By Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman Tooth decay, gum disease and oralpharyngeal cancers are no strangers to the Commonwealth. According to the Kentucky KIDS SMILE program, there are about 4,500 three-year-old children who have experienced toothache. A simple toothache can lead to a downward spiral of health issues. For example, cavities and gum disease leads to

Making the marriage work

Alignment, integration strategies strengthen physician, hospital unions. By Cindy Sanders …And they all lived happily ever after. In fairytales, the two protagonists manage to overcome many barriers to ultimately ride off into the sunset—presumably for a lifetime filled with sunshine and roses. In the real world, we only have to look to divorce statistics to know that “wedded bliss” frequently dissolves into

Physician Spotlight: Meet Bill Smock, MD

Place of Employment: Medical director, WaterStep; police surgeon with Louisville Metro St. Matthews and Jeffersontown police department; detective, special operations, Floyd County (Ind.) Sheriff ’s Department; and clinical professor of emergency medicine, University of Louisville. Why did you decide to become a doctor? Although perhaps disingenuously for some, 100 percent of medical school applicants would respond to that question by saying “I want to help people,” and

Navigator, defined

Patients receive help through medical mazes. by Sally McMahon and Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman Look in the dictionary and “navigator” is defined broadly as a person who navigates a ship or aircraft, or as a person who explores by sea. However, when viewed through a healthcare lens, the definition becomes more specific. Patient navigators, in various forms, help patients and their families

Special delivery

Midwives provide women options, grows in popularity. By Carla Layne Many people are intrigued with midwives. Midwives are also misunderstood. Yes, midwives help an expectant mother throughout her labor and delivery. Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) also provide healthcare and education to women of all ages. CNMs are licensed healthcare providers who are educated in nursing