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Fear vs. Relationships – Balance Sells More

Fear vs. Relationships – Balance Sells More

Healthcare is more competitive than ever: Point solutions nip away at revenue, venture capital firms lock up large companies with novel partnerships, and larger mergers continue. Companies with an established pipeline have a leg up. If they serve their customers well and exceed expectations, then happy customers = retention. Retention = growth. Companies that aren’t

Home is Where Health Is

By Dr. Michael Aragon If we bank, shop, work, play, and socialize from home, why can’t we also receive our healthcare where we live? Now, with advanced technologies and flexible care delivery options, this option is becoming a reality. Home healthcare, a $336 billion global industry in 2021, is projected to grow at an 8%

Opinion: Drug Pricing Reform Should Be About Saving Lives Through Innovation

By Kyle Keeney Around the world, millions of patients, suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, and many other chronic diseases, are holding onto hope that one day soon there will be a cure—and America’s biopharmaceutical companies are dedicated to turning these hopes into reality.   We all recently witnessed the power of innovation when the world

Nurses Must Set Example On Vaccines

It’s no secret that the medical community, and specifically nurses, have been on the frontlines of this global pandemic since day one. We have carried a significant weight during this crisis, but our work is not yet over. With mandates and recommendations lifting, it’s more critical now than ever that we are setting an example