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Make substance abuse disorder treatment available when needed

Make substance abuse disorder treatment available when needed

By: Kim Moser and Bruce Scott, MD Years of struggling, lost employment, disconnection from family, a feeling of hopelessness—all common issues faced by those suffering from substance abuse disorder. In many cases, interaction with the criminal justice system can also be added to the list. But what if someone wants assistance before they hit rock

Physician community urges further study on medical cannabis

By Danesh Mazloomdoost, MD As a physician specializing in pain and regenerative medicine, I see pain on the front lines and understand how debilitating it can be. I read and recognize the potential value of specific parts of cannabis, however, marijuana is a different story. We need to distinguish between whole marijuana and hemp-derived cannabinoids,

With great power, comes great liability

By Amber Knouff As medical advancements and patients in need of medical care continue to increase, the role of mid-level practitioners becomes even more crucial. While there have been many turns of phrase for these medical professionals, the term mid-level practitioner is meant to encompass those non-physician providers, which include advanced practice nurses and physician