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Treating depression today

By Charles Bensenhaver, M.D. About 17.5 percent of adults will suffer from major depression in their lifetime. While depression is more widely recognized and treated today, that statistic has remained consistent for the past 20 to 30 years. The protocol for treating depression hasn’t changed much either since the development of medications like Prozac in

Medicaid Managed Care

by Sheila A. Schuster, Ph.D. “Medicaid Managed Care is coming!” The chant resonated through the halls of Frankfort at the conclusion of the 2011 Kentucky General Assembly Special Session. This was our salvation—the way out of a huge deficit in Medicaid and its escalating costs. The way to avoid dumping individuals off the Medicaid rolls

What we don’t talk about

By Diane Hague, LCSW, CADC I shared with a colleague that I was writing this piece and asked his advice. He said, “Tell them addiction treatment works. Ask folks if they’re willing to pay for it. Tell them we all pay in one way or another –we can either fund treatment or see increasing productivity