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6th Circuit Joins Majority of Circuits by Taking Narrow View of FCA Public Disclosure Bar

Last month the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals joined the majority of circuits and held that the disclosure of information to the government during an audit or investigation does not constitute a “public disclosure” and subsequently does not create a jurisdictional bar to a qui tam action under the federal False Claims Act (“FCA”). The

Smart Policy Can Save Lives in an Emergency

Last year, the Richmond Register reported that the lives of two Madison County students who had experienced life-threatening allergic reactions at school were saved due to their school’s decision to keep epinephrine auto-injectors on campus. The school’s district health services manager stated that, according to a physician,“if it (EpiPen) had not been there, she (the

Bill Proposes Extension of Emergency Epipen Use and Storage

In 2013 the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation to make epinephrine auto-injectors (Epi-pens) more accessible in schools. The bill allowed schools to obtain a prescription, keep the medication on campus and provided Good Samaritan protections to those who administer the medication in an emergency. Since this bill was passed, evidence of its life-saving impact is

Keeping Kentuckians alive: It’s time to increase access to emergency care and treatment for opiate overdose.

In Quincy, Mass., first responders carry kits that have saved over 200 lives since 2010, and nationwide these kits have saved more than 10,000 lives. Currently, Kentucky’s first responders cannot carry such kits – and every year Kentuckians die because of this. In North Carolina and 20 other states, laws have been enacted to encourage