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Pandemic prompts paradigm shift in healthcare marketing

Pandemic prompts paradigm shift in healthcare marketing

By Sabrina Hayes When most companies decided to decrease their marketing budget during the global pandemic, the healthcare industry knew now was not the time to slow down their messaging. In fact, from telehealth visits to providing customized physical therapy videos for patients online, providers found that it was now more important than ever for

Start planning your comeback strategy

By Jenny Mitchell We are in the middle of one of the most historic events of our time. Each day, the news is saturated with reports of sickness, economic decline, lockdowns and unemployment. Every business has felt the impact of this crisis – loss of revenue, furloughed employees, cancelled plans and disrupted business models. Without

GLI adapts strategy during COVID-19

By Iris Wilbur-Glick and Christine Tarquinio COVID-19 has required those working in marketing and communications to rethink how their companies engage with patients, customers and investors. We spoke with Iris Wilbur-Glick and Christine Tarquinio at Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) to see how they are adapting. Medical News: How did GLI adapt at the beginning of pandemic

KMA serves members through “In Your Own Words” series

By Emily Schott In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) found itself asking the same questions that many organizations likely were: how can we best be of service to our members during this extremely trying and unprecedented time? Most of our answers were practical: we provided physicians with as