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Training the next generation of pharmacists

Training the next generation of pharmacists

Like many institutions, Colleges of Pharmacy are constantly adapting their curriculum to meet the changing needs and demands of the industry. As the healthcare landscape continues to change, the role of the pharmacist continues to evolve. Colleges are working to stay ahead of this change in order to help train professionals, so they can succeed in their careers. Medical News recently talked with Cindy Stowe,

2018 Kentucky General Assembly session comes to a close

The Kentucky General Assembly’s 2018 regular session finally wrapped up on April 14, capping off a session in which lawmakers approved the state’s next two-year budget and numerous other measures that will affect people and healthcare organizations throughout the state. Most new laws – those that come from legislation that don’t contain emergency clauses or

Plan now to reduce and prevent exposure to hazardous drugs

  By Brandi Jones According to the CDC, nearly eight million U.S. healthcare workers are potentially exposed to hazardous drugs, including pharmacy, lab and nursing personnel, physicians, operating room personnel, environmental services workers and more. This exposure can result in both acute and chronic health effects, depending on the exposure length and toxicity. Exposure of

Architecture & Design Round Up

Spencerian College’s new and improved campus  Spencerian College moved students to a new campus in the Dupont Circle medical complex. The new location puts students closer to job opportunities as Dupont Circle is the largest regional medical complex outside of downtown Louisville. The construction and renovation of the building wrapped up in the mid-December 2017,

Strategic planning is never easy and is made especially difficult as the target moves

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve, and many providers, organizations and companies are working diligently to develop long-term strategic plans that will encourage growth while maintaining the flexibility needed to adjust to new policies and procedures, which will make change a constant. At a national level, there has been a significant amount of discussion around