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Humana Foundation working to measurably boost health equity in Louisville

Humana Foundation working to measurably boost health equity in Louisville

  As Humana pursues its Bold Goal to improve the health of the communities we serve 20 percent by 2020, the Humana Foundation is also working to help make that happen in several communities throughout the Southeast, including Louisville. As Louisville is the home of Humana’s headquarters, we’re also in the midst of making a

Combating pill mills: Establishing standards for addiction treatment with Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers

By Lauren McGrath As a nation, we are increasingly aware of the toll the opioid epidemic is having on our county. A recent study from consulting firm Altarum explored the financial impact of the opioid epidemic, concluding it has cost the U.S. more than $1 trillion since 2001. The analysis says the costs of the

Peer support: Playing a growing role in addiction recovery

New trends are emerging in the treatment of addiction. Peer support is the next step in treating addiction like a disease. Addiction is a chronic condition like hypertension or diabetes or any other thing that needs management. is one of several organizations in the Commonwealth offering the state curriculum to train this new position

Pregnant and addicted: Bluegrass program aims to help women of child-bearing age dependent on opioids

Since the late 1980s, policymakers have debated the question of how society should deal with the problem of women’s substance use during pregnancy. Prosecutors in many states have attempted to rely on a host of criminal laws already on the books to attack prenatal substance use. Fortunately, many states, such as Kentucky, have placed a

New clinical setting where emergency department providers can refer patients to receive transitional care

  By Olivia Ramirez Many people with opioid use disorder (OUD) come in contact with the healthcare system for issues related to their illicit opioid use. Often, people present to the emergency room with an opioid overdose, or superficial or deep-seated infections due to injection drug use. Many of these infections require lengthy hospitalization and sometimes