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KMA announces 2019 legislative priorities

KMA announces 2019 legislative priorities

By Bruce Scott, MD The Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) has been busy over the last several months preparing for the 2019 legislative session. Our advocacy team worked with members to develop a list of priorities that focus on promoting healthier lives for our patients and protecting the practice of medicine in the Commonwealth. In November,

Support emergency legislation to fix 2018 HB 487

By Gwen Cooper Policymakers are taught early on that sometimes there are unintended consequences when implementing new legislation.  HB 487 passed in the 2018 General Assembly imposed a six percent sales tax on sales of “admissions”.  Sounds simple until you consider that nonprofit organizations, exempt from sales tax, often rely on “admissions” to support their

ACS CAN to pursue prior authorization reform in legislative session

By Erica Palmer Smith The term “prior authorization reform” sounds like boring insurance jargon, but the issue is critically important to patients’ well-being. American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and its partners will work on legislation to address the problems that can arise with prior authorization during the 2019 session in Kentucky. ACS

Insights from industry associations

Each year, Medical News talks with healthcare leaders from across the Commonwealth to get their perspective on the changing landscape of healthcare.  This year, we focused on the organizations that help bring together many different aspects of the healthcare community. Specifically, we interviewed the healthcare professionals who lead industry groups and trade associations.  Their insights,

Terry Skaggs

Terry Skaggs Chief Financial Officer, Wells Health Systems Chair, Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities   FAST FACTS Leadership style: Assemble a team that brings all perspectives to the table.  I have used this quote before, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world.” Mentors: When I entered this profession,

Ruth Carrico, PhD

Ruth Carrico, PHD, DNP, APRN, CIC Associate Professor, University of Louisville President, Kentucky Nurses Association   FAST FACTS Leadership style:  Engaged and collaborative but with an expectation of accountability. Mentors: Early in my practice, Juanita Clay was my mentor for development of my nursing skills and management.  Dr. Julio Ramirez has been my mentor in