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The evolving senior living landscape

The evolving senior living landscape

What can Kentucky do to be a more senior-friendly state? By Sally McMahon The Kentucky Senior Living Association (KSLA) is a Kentucky trade association exclusively dedicated to supporting those who operate professionally managed, resident-centered, senior living communities and the older adults and families they serve. We spoke with Bob White, the executive director at KSLA,

Improving serious illness care

Perennial growth in managed care enrollment, changes in health policy and payment incentivizes innovative approaches. By Turner West It is widely recognized that the U.S. healthcare delivery system has been maladaptive in meeting the needs of seriously ill adults and their families. The consequences of our system deficiencies are seen in myriad ways. Seriously ill

Marketing and social media in the healthcare industry

We talked to marketing and PR folks across the state to hear how they are working to effectively utilize social media to engage patients and consumers. Below are the highlights. Medical News: What is the most effective marketing strategy or trend you are seeing in healthcare marketing? Debbie Cagle Chief Marketing Officer Centerstone Strategies around

Social media and employers: Five common mistakes and how to avoid them.

By Sara Jodka Social media has been and will continue to be an issue for employers. It has become the way people, especially millennials communicate. When most employers think about social media in the workplace, they tend to think solely in terms of the high-profile social media firing cases where employers have terminated employees for