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Growing Louisville’s healthcare economy

Growing Louisville’s healthcare economy

By Deana Epperly Karem Growing Louisville into the healthcare mecca we know it as today has taken decades of diligent work by local leaders, entrepreneurs and the industry veterans. Building partnerships among talented leaders in health-related industries, prioritizing growth and expansion, and fostering innovation within the industry have contributed to Louisville’s emergence as the leading

A promising partnership

By Ben Keeton The merger between Uspiritus and Centerstone creates one of the most comprehensive child welfare agencies in the state of Kentucky and gives children a true continuum of care that currently does not exist in the foster care system. By joining forces with Centerstone, Uspiritus can do what is most needed for the

Treating maternal addiction

By Jennifer Hancock What does it take for Americans to understand the reach of our opioid and addiction epidemic? Exaggerating the depth of our crisis is virtually impossible. More Americans died of overdoses in our nation in 2017 than died in the entire Vietnam war. More Kentuckians died of overdoses in 2017 than were killed

Oral health and the opioid epidemic

By Ted Wong, DDS The opioid epidemic is affecting countless lives and communities across the country, including here in Kentucky. In fact, opioids each day cause more than 130 overdose deaths in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC); and the economic cost exceeds $500 billion annually, according to

UofL Health and Social Justice Scholar creates heart program in Smoketown

The Health and Social Justice Scholars Program at the University of Louisville provides an opportunity to educate professional and doctoral students in an interprofessional manner to produce high quality scholarly activities related to health equity, health and healthcare disparities, social justice and healthcare innovation with the goal of benefiting underserved and disadvantaged populations. One scholar