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Run your healthcare facility like a military base

Run your healthcare facility like a military base

By Angie Stokes Imagine, if you will, a hospital without power. Maybe a tornado took down the power lines leading to the hospital, or maybe an attack destroyed the power station and the emergency generator is not working. Whatever the reason, the hospital is now extremely limited in its ability to treat patients. Operating room

Strategic planning: Establishing a dynamic route to success

Strategic planning is an important component of any successful business, but even more important in a healthcare environment that is constantly changing. It is made even more complicated when new leadership takes charge in the middle of a strategic planning cycle. To learn more about the successful implementation and execution of a strategic plan, Medical News recently spoke with Dr. Mark Newman,  executive vice president of Health Affairs at UK

UK College of Pharmacy partners with Kentucky State University

By Allison Perry The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy announced a new partnership with Kentucky State University (KSU). This partnership will allow students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in an accelerated time frame. The innovative 3+4 program allows participating students to count their first year of pharmacy

Growing Louisville’s healthcare economy

By Deana Epperly Karem Growing Louisville into the healthcare mecca we know it as today has taken decades of diligent work by local leaders, entrepreneurs and the industry veterans. Building partnerships among talented leaders in health-related industries, prioritizing growth and expansion, and fostering innovation within the industry have contributed to Louisville’s emergence as the leading

A promising partnership

By Ben Keeton The merger between Uspiritus and Centerstone creates one of the most comprehensive child welfare agencies in the state of Kentucky and gives children a true continuum of care that currently does not exist in the foster care system. By joining forces with Centerstone, Uspiritus can do what is most needed for the