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Doctors & Lawyers for Kids is using the law to address social determinants of health

Doctors & Lawyers for Kids is using the law to address social determinants of health

By Martha Hasselbacher, JD Doctors and lawyers have joined forces to ensure that the children seen in pediatric clinics get the care and services they need. Every low-income person has two to three unmet civil legal needs that create barriers to healthy eating, safe housing, employment, and safety.1 Doctors have the training and expertise to

Achieving common good for Kentucky kids

By Dr. Terry Brooks Did you hear the revolution? It happened on the morning of November 19th before the Kentucky General Assembly’s School Safety Working Group, a blue-ribbon collection of leaders being artfully chaired by Senator Max Wise and Representative Bam Carney. Cabinet for Health and Family Services Deputy Secretary Kristi Putnam quietly announced the

A short session with a long to-do list

By Ben Keeton The 2019 legislative session opened January 8 and promises to be action-packed, even if it is limited in days due to the short session. The top topic, of course, will be the potential fixes to the pension. In the last few months, the Supreme Court invalidated the pension reform attempt from 2018

Support emergency legislation to fix 2018 HB 487

By Gwen Cooper Policymakers are taught early on that sometimes there are unintended consequences when implementing new legislation.  HB 487 passed in the 2018 General Assembly imposed a six percent sales tax on sales of “admissions”.  Sounds simple until you consider that nonprofit organizations, exempt from sales tax, often rely on “admissions” to support their