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UofL Hospital opens new center to treat hepatitis C 

University of Louisville Hospital opened a new center today to treat hepatitis C, a particular problem in Kentucky, which has the highest infection rate in the country. A ribbon-cutting and open house marked the UofL Hospital Hep C Center’s official opening Wednesday morning, with the first patients scheduled later in the day. “While Kentucky has the

UK Study Shows Lower Lung Cancer Rates in Communities with Strong Smoke-free Laws

A recent study by University of Kentucky BREATHE (Bridging Research Efforts and Advocacy Toward Healthy Environments) researchers shows that fewer new cases of lung cancer were found in communities with strong smoke-free workplace laws. The study, “Lung Cancer Incidence and the Strength of Municipal Smoke-free Ordinances” was published in Cancer, an American Cancer Society journal dedicated to providing

UofL’s LGBT-inclusive medical school curriculum recognized for innovation in medical education

The University of Louisville continues to lead in educating future physicians to provide the best possible health care for patients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), gender nonconforming and those born with differences in sex development (DSD). UofL’s eQuality Project, the initiative to embed training in the care of these patients throughout its medical

#MeToo raises the question: What now?

  By Elizabeth Starr Last month, social media feeds around the country were filled with the #MeToo hashtag – as millions of men and women told stories of how they had survived sexual abuse, harassment or domestic violence. It was a sobering reminder of how common these traumas are. I was fortunate, during that same