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One in three adults in rural areas have arthritis

As part of the 52 Weeks of Public Health campaign, the Kentucky Department of Public Health (DPH), within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), is emphasizing the negative impact of arthritis on people who live in rural areas. A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that one-third

Fighting to protect Medicare

  By Ron Bridges AARP Kentucky has just launched a campaign to let Congress know we oppose any plan to increase Medicare costs and risk for seniors and today’s workers. We believe Kentuckians have earned Medicare by paying in with each and every paycheck. Proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system would take healthcare

Efforts to enhance prescription drug pricing transparency gaining traction

      Driven in part by retroactive fees imposed upon pharmacies by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and compounded by recent high profile cases of significant price increases for relatively common drugs, both retail and institutional pharmacies have continued to push for enhanced prescription drug pricing transparency. Recent state and federal legislation, as well as lawsuits

New National Survey: Nearly 9 in 10 Seniors Satisfied with Medicare Part D

Ten years after its initial launch, the Medicare Part D prescription drug program remains overwhelmingly popular with American seniors, according to Medicare Today’s annual Senior Satisfaction Survey. The nationwide survey of approximately 2,000 seniors conducted by Morning Consult found that 88 percent are satisfied with their Part D coverage and eight of every 10 believe their drug

Ensuring Informed Consent, Addressing Payment Concerns

By Jeremy Wale, JD Payment concerns are becoming more prevalent due to high deductible payment plans, uninsured patients, and lower reimbursement rates—and the importance of informed consent is undiminished no matter the situation. Help ensure your practice addresses both issues effectively. Informed Consent A patient’s absolute right to make informed decisions regarding his or her

Physicians’ Responsibility to Obtain Informed Consent

As part of ProAssurance’s commitment to help healthcare providers reduce risk, they are sharing the complete “Physicians’ Responsibility to Obtain Informed Consent” article. These articles are designed to help remind healthcare providers of common informed consent issues with a variety of patient types. By Jeremy Wale, JD A patient’s absolute right to make informed decisions regarding his or her