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First, do no harm

Environmental laws affect healthcare providers, too. By William T. Gorton III A long standing adage in the healthcare industry is “first, do no harm.” When it comes to protecting the environment, this industry must take this challenge to heart. As a group, the healthcare industry generates more than two million tons of waste annually. This

The continuing saga of Medicare therapy caps

Understanding exceptions, services and reimbursements. By Rene R. Savarise, Esq. In 1972 Congress expanded the scope of Medicare outpatient physical therapy coverage to include the services of physical therapists in independent practices who furnished services in the office or patient home. Shortly thereafter, the long history of Medicare therapy caps began. It was at that

AHA’s top 10 advances in 2012 research

Promising basic science, new devices, improved protocols and prevention hold the potential to upgrade outcomes. By Cindy Sanders The science, basic understanding and treatment protocols of cardiovascular disease and stroke have come light years in a matter of decades. Yet, heart disease remains the number one killer of both men and women in America and

Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone

Clark Memorial finds its place in orthopedic care. By Chelsea Nichols Every hospital has its niche. Baptist East is synonymous with breast cancer. KentuckyOne Health’s Jewish Hospital continues to develop its transplant center. If Norton Healthcare is mentioned, we often think of Kosair Children’s Hospital. Across the river, Clark Memorial found its place in orthopedic