Create a World of Health Workshop

Innov8 for Health presents:
createAworld of Health Workshop w/ Steve Deal
Saturday, August 16
8am – 3:00pm
UPDATED: Earlier ending time.  See below for times to “jump in”.
The Brandery
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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It can be maddeningly difficult to move healthcare innovations into the mainstream.  The landscape may appear to be fluid, but today’s paradigms seem to be unchangeable.

How do you pitch an idea that could turn the world on its ear when that world is carved in stone?
In an application of open-source innovation we will create a new healthcare vision.
Healthcare innovators, professionals, financiers, and advisors like you will come together on August 16 at the Brandery to fashion a new world of healthcare.
You’ll bring your ideas, your products, and your technologies.
We will bring the magic questions–
  • What if your ideas came true tomorrow?
  • What would the healthcare industry look like?
Science fiction writers and film makers – the H. G. Wells, Sir Arthur C. Clarkes, Gene Roddenberries and George Lucas’s — imagine new worlds with inventions that technologists subsequently make reality.  Financiers and institutions appreciate those fictional worlds, because they have become cultural classics.
On August 16, you will become a sci-fi pioneer.  Together we will define a future.  You will —
  • Discover synergies with products and technologies
  • Uncover new partnerships
  • Fit your ideas with industry trends
  • Define new users
  • Reveal new market opportunities
  • Produce unheard of concepts
This is open-source innovation.  Ideas will belong to the community.  Developers who move out on them will do so in the competitive marketplace.  For IP you protect, we advise you concentrate on the “what” and not the “how.”  Your “secret sauce” won’t need to be revealed to explore where your innovations fit in the new healthcare world.
This is a day-long, roll-up-your-sleeves, participative, brown-bag session facilitated by systems engineer and innovator, Steve Deal.  If you’ve hungry for more than talking-head sessions, this “day of play” is for you.
  • 8:00 -Register and  help shape the day.  If you want to have your idea,  concept,  product/ service, included in the new world, please join us from the beginning
  • 8:45 – Instructions and creating groups.  If you want to be part of selecting the group you are in, make sure to join us by this time.
  • 10:00 – Working groups -just interested in being part of any group.              Join us by 10:00.
  • 1:00 – See the world come together.  If you are just interested in being a “butterfly on the wall” join us by 1:00.  
  • 3:00- Wrap-up and close.