Hardin Memorial Hospital Project provides energy savings, increases operational efficiency

HMH is projected to save nearly $500,000 annually.

Hardin Memorial Hospital has completed a 17 month long project  with partner Harshaw Trane to implement Energy  Conservation Measures (ECMs) to its facilities in order to provide a more comfortable and safe environment for patients
while saving energy. The hospital underwent boiler, chiller building automation system and lighting upgrades. This comprehensive project provides a number of benefits to Hardin Memorial Hospital by balancing critical issues of comfort, efficiency, reliability and patient well-being as well as fiscal management.

“We were facing multiple challenges of obsolete equipment, capacity, and emergency needs that needed to be addressed quickly,” said Ken Richardson, Hardin Memorial Hospital Director of Facilities Management. “Working with Harshaw Trane improved the environmental quality for our patients, increased reliability, had a significant financial impact, and it allowed for a great partnership development.”

The implementation of all energy conservation measures will bring an annual energy savings of nearly $500,000 and annual operational savings of about $62,000. These savings equals an annual savings of 1,336,031 Electric kWh saved and 508,460 therms of natural gas saved. The annual environmental impact of the energy reductions are equal to 84,666 barrels of oil not burned for one year or 2,984 acres of forest preserved from deforestation.

“I’m proud of the partnership we have with Hardin Memorial Hospital and the fact we were able to implement such a wide range of improvements with such a huge environmental and financial impact,” said Steven Duff, Harshaw Trane Project Manager.
“This project is a win-win for Hardin Memorial Hospital and the Elizabethtown community.”


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