KMA’s Beyond the White Coat gallery showcases physician talents

Lexington family medicine physician Mamata Majmundar, MD, poses with her photography submission.

The 2018 Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) Annual Meeting, held in late August at the Louisville Marriott East, featured a unique, interactive gallery celebrating the talents and hobbies that physicians engage in to reduce stress and combat burnout.

The Beyond the White Coat gallery contained exhibits from more than 30 physicians from across the state. Submissions on display included a hot air balloon, woodworking, pottery, handmade jewelry, photography, painting, music, dance, horticulture, beekeeping, martial arts and the published works of three physician authors. A ‘theater’ area previewed the work of physician film producer David Ciochetty, MD, and attendees also enjoyed live performances by physician rock band The Fabulous Goatmen and pianist James Borders, MD.

Beyond the White Coat was inspired by the work of Paducah surgeon Shawn Jones, MD, whose book, Finding Heart in Art: A Surgeon’s Renaissance Approach To Healing Modern Medical Burnout, uses Renaissance paintings as a framework to explain how medical professionals can manage fatigue. Jones was a featured speaker during the Kentucky Physicians Leadership Academy.


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