Meet Your Provider: Gabby Diaz


Provider_gabbydiazDegree:  Medical Massage Therapy (Spring of 2015) from Spencerian College

Current Position:  Working at Versailles Chiropractic as a Massage Therapist

Why did you choose this field?

I chose massage because it was always something I was interested in and had thought about pursuing. It was an idea that had been planted into my mind and when I looking into attending Spencerian and learning more about the program, the seed began to grow!

What was your experiences like at Spencerian?

My favorite thing was my instructors. Janie Johnson and Albert Ignacio were my favorite. Ms. Janie went above and beyond to help me. She guided me through the tough times and wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth when I needed to hear it. I also liked how close-knit our classes were; we were a little family. Mr. Albert wanted to see us succeed and did everything to help us. We had great times at Spencerian and I cherish every bit of it.

How did Spencerian help prepare you for a career in massage therapy?

Spencerian set me up for success the second I walked through the door. The staff was amazing, friendly and was there when I needed help. Unlike another school I had attended, they guided me throughout my student career. My instructors were real people. They worked in the field and they had years of experience and knowledge to pass down to me. They cared about me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I am able to apply what I learned in all of my classes to my professional career.

How do you like your current job?

I absolutely love my career and seeing my patients relaxed and happy after their massages.  I want to build relationships with my patients and help them ease their pain.