Physician Spotlight: June



Daniel J. Eichenberger, M.D.

Board certified internal medicine/pediatrics physician and chief medical officer, Physician Associates of Floyds Knobs LLC and Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services, New Albany, Ind.



Why did you decide to become a doctor?
I became a physician because I loved the thought of taking care of people and healthcare  issues.

Is it different than what you thought? If so, how?
There is a lot more business related duties than I originally thought and the governmental burdens are tremendous and overbearing.

What is the biggest misconception about your field?
The biggest misconception is how much psychiatric care and counseling we actually provide in primary care.

What is the one thing you wish patients knew and/or understood about doctors?
We would like patients to understand the majority of physicians do this because we love helping patients and assisting them in maintaining their health. We spend many years in school and training programs before we ever have an opportunity to make a decent living and if it were only about money, there are easier ways to accomplish this.

What is your opinion of electronic medical records (EMR) and how will this affect you and your practice?
EMR’s are a necessary evil. They add a tremendous cost to the system and they decrease your efficiency, but they can provide better and quicker access to information. The only problem is that much of the information the EMR’s generate
is useless for managing patients. It really only helps government and other third party entities who are far removed from patient care.

What’s one thing your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you?
I am not sure there are too many surprises. I am fairly easy to read, and most people know where I stand on issues. I do love my family and my Christian faith.

What’s the best advice you ever received? Who gave it to you?
As I began my practice, Dr. Bill Croft told me never to start Saturday office hours. Once you begin, it is too hard to stop them.

What’s the last good book you read?
I just finished The Hunger Games series.

Favorite daytime beverage?
I drink water 99 percent of the time.



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