Special issue for KMA members

Emily Schott

A Letter from KMA

Five years later, the benefits of strategic planning are evident to KMA’s newest employee. As Communications Director for the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA), I’d like to welcome you to this special supplement to Medical News.

Being relatively new to the Association, working to put together these articles was a learning experience, as I wasn’t around five years ago for Focus Forward, KMA’s 2013 strategic planning session. However, it has since become clear to me, especially from a communications standpoint, what a successful and beneficial process this was for our organization. Focus Forward truly made KMA a modern association, and I am grateful to reap the fruits of that labor as a member of the KMA team in 2018.

The process wasn’t without its challenges of course, but as with most endeavors, it was made easier through the tireless efforts of staff, the KMA board and a group of dedicated member volunteers.

An African proverb echoes the value of such collaboration: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

It is KMA’s hope that our experience through strategic planning will serve as an inspiration for other organizations who may be considering a similar journey. Focus Forward may have brought us into the twenty-first century as an organization, but it is the passionate work of our physician members, residents and medical students who continue to bring value to KMA and ensure we meet our collective goals.

The future of organized medicine is bright, and I’m excited to see how far the next five years takes us.

A Letter from Medical News

Welcome to this special edition of Medical News! We are incredibly proud to partner with the Kentucky Medical Association to provide an inside look at the significant strides the physician community has made over the last five years.

From advocacy efforts to leadership planning, KMA has developed a very intentional approach to strategic planning. We felt that their story was one that would resonate with the healthcare community as a whole.

We are also excited to welcome all the KMA members to our publication. If you are new to Medical News, we hope that you will stick around for a while. Each month, our publication talks about topics that are relevant to people who work in the business of healthcare in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We work hard to find the best voices to help explain the complex policies, regulations and trends that effect the way you practice medicine.

If you would like to stay informed, we are pleased to offer all KMA members a complimentary subscription to Medical News. Just visit www.medicalnews.md/KMA to sign up.

Thank you to KMA for being leaders and innovators. We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with the healthcare community across our region.


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