Spencerian College’s Treeva Frames-Baisas Named Instructor of the Year

Jan Gordon, left, and Treeva Frames-Baisas of Spencerian College

Jan Gordon, left, and Treeva Frames-Baisas of Spencerian College

Treeva Frames-Baisas of Spencerian College has received the Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools (KACCS) 2014 Instructor of the Year award.

Frames-Baisas joined the Spencerian College Louisville family in 2008 as a nursing clinical instructor. She is now teaching in both didactic and clinical classes and also serves as the college’s Clinical Coordinator staffing and evaluating clinical sites and faculty and is the advisor for all Practical Nursing students from the time they enter their program until graduation.

Spencerian College Exec

utive Director Jan Gordon described Frames-Baisas as “an excellent role model for our students.”

“I am impressed with the level of enthusiasm Treeva Frames-Baisas shows in her work with our students,” Gordon said. “Treeva believes the way to learn something is to teach it and, to this end, she assigns her classes a healthcare teaching project three times each quarter.”

Students in Frames-Baisas’ classes make healthcare presentations to residents at Hotel Louisville, a downtown homeless shelter, educating them on topics related to their health. She also organized a Spencerian chapter of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), an organization for future health professionals.

“Treeva’s classes are vibrant and exciting,” said Maria McCormick, director of the Nursing RN Program at Spencerian. “She brings not only content, but parts of real life experiences to help bridge the gap between the textbook and what the student understands.”

In a recommendation letter, a student said Frames-Baisas “always takes time with her students to make sure that they have an excellent understanding for what they are learning.”

“If there is a student struggling, then she goes above and beyond to help that student understand the problems, even if that means that she puts her own work on hold to help any student in need,” the student wrote. “She is excellent in managing projects, she is organized, energetic and goal oriented.”

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