St. Claire Regional Medical Center and Passport Health Plan bring GoNoodle Plus to E. KY Schools

gonoodlePassport Health Plan and St. Claire Regional Medical Center have announced that they are co-sponsoring a new educational health program called GoNoodle Plus in elementary schools and homes throughout Eastern Kentucky.

GoNoodle Plus is an interactive resource used in classrooms to increase students’ physical activity and improve their academic performance and is being made available for use in public and private elementary schools, as well as in students’ homes. GoNoodle’s online physical activity breaks make it easy for teachers and parents to get kids moving, which helps improve their behavior, focus, and engagement.

“St. Claire Regional is excited to partner with Passport Health Plan to provide funding for GoNoodle Plus for all children in our 10 county service region,” said Mark J. Neff, St. Claire Regional President/CEO. “We believe GoNoodle is a fun, interactive tool that will increase children’s physical activity and help reduce childhood obesity and its long-term associated health problems while stimulating their minds and enhancing their educational experience.”

The public is invited to an official announcement and demonstrations of GoNoodle Plus as it is already being used in the schools. Representatives of St. Claire Regional, Passport Health Plan, GoNoodle, and more will be in attendance.

Official announcement and demonstration of GoNoodle Plus
9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 2015
McBrayer Elementary School
550 Viking Drive
Morehead, Kentucky 40351