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Career Reflections: Michael Karpf, MD, with the University of Kentucky, reflects on his tenure.

Career Reflections: Michael Karpf, MD, with the University of Kentucky, reflects on his tenure.

  Dr. Michael Karpf recently announced his decision to retire (or transition, as he refers to it) in 2017 following the hiring and appropriate transition period for his replacement. Karpf’s original mandate when recruited to the position by then UK President Lee Todd was to revitalize the clinical enterprise at UK incorporating both the hospital

New name announced for children’s hospital and services

Norton Healthcare today announced that the downtown children’s hospital that it has owned and operated for nearly 50 years will now be named “Norton Children’s Hospital.”  The first children’s hospital opened in Louisville nearly 125 years ago under the name of Children’s Free Hospital. Over the years, the name of the hospital has changed, but

Using content marketing to boost events

By Ben Keeton and Sally McMahon Major events are often the drivers of success for growing organizations.  Not only are they a potential revenue generator, but they also offer a unique opportunity to make a big splash among members and potential partners.  A successful annual event lets young organizations demonstrate the strong work they have

Healthcare organizations face tough marketing challenges

  Despite the fact that there are more ways than ever to target and reach audiences, marketers face numerous challenges. And perhaps few face the number of challenges that confront healthcare marketers. Healthcare organizations must capitalize on the latest advancements in the marketing industry to create a strong brand image and appeal to a diverse base

kynect’s impact on Kentucky’s healthcare providers

Kentucky’s health benefit exchange has been lauded by state government leaders as a success story of the Affordable Care Act. Named kynect, the exchange has now provided health insurance to thousands of residents. And it has also drawn a measure of controversy. The political implications surrounding kynect and the Affordable Care Act continue, but the

Medicare Advantage

  A lot has been said about healthcare consolidation, and it’s time to sort through a central misperception about health plan mergers. Let’s start with Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is designed to bring private sector competition to Medicare to deliver better value and greater choice for beneficiaries. That is why last week’s report from the