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New Vista delivers telehealth services on large scale

New Vista delivers telehealth services on large scale

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase in Kentucky, so does the associated anxiety. The mental health effects of COVID-19 are as important to address as are the physical health effects. Just as individuals with pre-existing physical illness are more likely to get physically ill from the coronavirus, people whose mental health is compromised

Telehealth update

Enactment of SB112 guarantees all Kentuckians will have access to healthcare services, no matter where they live. By Rob Sprang Kentucky has been a telehealth leader for many years despite outdated laws and regulations that restrict how telehealth may be used, preventing many Kentuckians from accessing healthcare services that are not available close to home.

Telehealth reform: Coverage expansion, reimbursement criteria will improve access to care

By: Sarah Cronan Spurlock and Ozair Shariff Technology advancements have had a significant impact on the way healthcare is delivered, particularly to patients in rural areas and to those with restricted access to medical care. Medical providers use technology to remotely monitor patients, prescribe medications and provide a wide range of preventive medical services, in

Telehealth and opportunities for value in the community mental health space.

  On-demand healthcare and telehealth services are one of the fastest growing segments of the on-demand market, following well known on-demand services such as Uber and Lyft. The telehealth industry, as a whole, is projected to be one of the fastest growing components of the healthcare economy. In fact, Just this past October, healthcare giant,