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kynect’s impact on Kentucky’s healthcare providers

Kentucky’s health benefit exchange has been lauded by state government leaders as a success story of the Affordable Care Act. Named kynect, the exchange has now provided health insurance to thousands of residents. And it has also drawn a measure of controversy. The political implications surrounding kynect and the Affordable Care Act continue, but the

Spencerian offers College Career Pathway program at local high schools.

  Spencerian College in Louisville, Ky. has two different high school collaborations with outlying county school systems. The first collaboration is with the Hardin County Early College Career Center.   This collaboration started in the fall of 2014 with a re-signed agreement for the fall of 2015. Spencerian has 16 students from Hardin County in the

Kentucky’s nurse workforce needs support to attain higher degrees

  The complexity and effectiveness of healthcare delivery in the U.S. has greatly increased due to advances in technology, an aging population and the Affordable Care Act’s focus on wellness. This sparked a landmark report over five years ago by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which called for 80 percent of nurses to hold a

Diverse career options in healthcare and the role Kentucky career colleges play.

Each fall, social media is filled with pictures of elementary, middle and high school students on their first day back to school. In recent years, a growing trend has included a “what I want to be when I grow up” sign in the photographs. This year alone, I’ve seen career goals including professional athlete, rock