The Hosparus Health Physician Spotlight: Vincent William Prusick MD, Shriners Hospital for Children Medical Center



Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan

Family: I have been married to my wonderful wife Kate for eight years. We have known each other since age two but didn’t start dating until senior year of high school. We have one son, Everett who is almost two years old. Additionally, we have two dogs – Dexter, a Hungarian Vizsla and Birch, a Weimaraner.

Hobbies: I like to stay active with my son and dogs with any outdoor activities. I also enjoy watching and playing all sports but especially University of Michigan football and basketball.

Vacation spot: Anywhere with a good beach.

The last good book you read: The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (Free Press)

Medical News: Why did you become a doctor? 

Vincent William Prusick: I was always drawn to the medical field because I grew up with a physician for a father. I was able to see firsthand the impact a doctor can have on a patient’s life.

MN: What do you hope to accomplish in your role as pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at Shriners?

VWP: I hope to continue the tradition of high-quality care to our patients here at Shriners Hospitals for Children. I want to be able to get kids back to their previous activities after they sustain an injury or hopefully improve their function if they have a chronic condition. I would also like to be an integral member of the research team that helps contribute to advancement of pediatric orthopaedics.

MN: What’s the best part about working with kids?

VWP: Kids tend to have great attitudes and are fun to be around. They make clinic enjoyable and you never know what to expect when you walk into a room.

MN: What is one thing you wish patients knew or understood about doctors?

VWP: Doctors are always trying to help their patients and spend a significant amount of time outside the clinic visit reviewing and discussing cases with colleagues ensuring the best care for each patient.

MN: What’s one thing your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you? 

VWP: I have a collection of carved Buddha statues.

MN: What keeps you up at night?

VWP: Thinking about patients who do not have a straightforward solution to their problem and what I can do to help.

MN: What is your motto?

VWP: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

MN: Who are your heroes in healthcare?

VWP: First in line would be my father. He is a general orthopedist working in northern Michigan. He has always been the perfect example of how to treat your patients and the wonderful outcomes that can come from that.

Additionally, all of my partners at Lexington Shriners Medical Center and the University of Kentucky, and my fellowship mentors at Vanderbilt University have been instrumental in helping me become the physician I am and I cannot thank them enough for their guidance.