UK College of Pharmacy partners with Kentucky State University

By Allison Perry

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy announced a new partnership with Kentucky State University (KSU).

This partnership will allow students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in an accelerated time frame. The innovative 3+4 program allows participating students to count their first year of pharmacy school as their final year of undergraduate school.

Students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from KSU upon completion of their first year at UK College of Pharmacy and after finishing a three-year pre-pharmacy sequence of courses at KSU.


“I’m always excited when our students have opportunities to continue their education in graduate or professional schools,” said Lucian Yates III, KSU’s interim provost and vice president of academic affairs. “When students know these opportunities exist, they can plan accordingly. Our students are exceptional, and I believe they’ll take advantage of this new program.”

The partnership was the brainchild of two KSU chemistry professors, Suzette Poston and Scott Wicker, as well as the enrollment management team at the UK College of Pharmacy.

“Suzette and Scott were looking for post-secondary opportunities for their students who majored in chemistry and the other sciences,” Yates said. “Pharmacy was a natural fit, especially since the UK College of Pharmacy is working to become a more diverse and inclusive place.”



“We are excited about this partnership with KSU,” said Kip Guy, dean of the UK College of Pharmacy. “Establishing agreements like this one means we can help our students enter the workforce faster while continuing to expand opportunities for those studying in Kentucky. It also ensures we are able to continue to recruit students of the highest caliber.”

KSU is ranked No. 4 in Public Schools according to U.S. News & World Report, and the UK College of Pharmacy continues to be a nationally ranked top-ten program according to that same report.

“We are lucky to be able to create this opportunity for KSU students and the UK program,” said Jason Mitchell, director of enrollment management for UK College of Pharmacy. “These types of agreements are a win for both institutions.”

The partnership will take effect immediately, and the first students to enter the agreement will do so within the next two years.

-Allison Perry is with the University of Kentucky.




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