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KentuckyOne Health Awarded $1.5 Million Grant for Model of Care to Support Lower Income Communities

KentuckyOne Health received a $1.5 million, three-year grant to support a new model of care to assist patients who live in low-income neighborhoods in south and west Louisville. The program, called Health Connections Initiative, employs a multidisciplinary team working in the homes of recently hospitalized patients from low-income neighborhoods to help them better manage their

Signature Healthcare acquires 10 facilities

Louisville-based Signature Healthcare has acquired 10 nursing center operations in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia and Virgina. Virginia is a new territory for the company, but it had existing operations in the other states. The new facilities are in the process of being rebranded as Signature facilities. The transition began after Signature took ownership on Aug. 1. The

Louisville Worksite Wellness Conference Recognizes Local Employers

The conference took place on May 21st in Louisville, Kentucky with Louisville being the very first city in the state to adopt the employer recognition program framework developed by State of Wellness,  with the  Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s Health Scorecard using evidence-based criteria. This recognition program gives employers a genuine baseline from which to develop a truly comprehensive worksite wellness program, while celebrating their efforts to date.  The

Putting patients first

Improving wait times and healthcare access for the Medicaid population By Wade Mitzel You can call it denial, a focus on other concerns or even just being unaware, but eight months ago I would have denied we had a problem getting Medicaid patients into our physician offices. However, our patients thought otherwise. Clark Physician Group (CPG)

Challenging times

Integrating physician group operations can equal substantial operating losses. By David Richard and Adam Shewmaker   Later this summer, Kentucky-based CPA and business advisory services firm Dean Dorton Allen Ford (Dean Dorton) will be releasing its updated findings as it relates to the challenges of successfully integrating phy s i c i a n group operations. In last year’s publication, a survey of nearly eighty hospitals was conducted to gain valuable

Shifting Toward Employment

More PCPs are becoming hospital employees, according to ACA impact study on physicians and their practices By LYNNE JETER “Uncertainty prevails” was a common theme in the recently released Jackson Healthcare study on the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) impact on physicians and practices. “We found that a significantly larger number of physicians desire to be