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Leaders discuss Louisville’s destiny in the aging care industry

Leaders discuss Louisville’s destiny in the aging care industry

By Ben Keeton Aging care is an important component of the overall healthcare system.  It is also one of the areas where our region excels.  With a cluster of companies focused on Aging Innovation, the future of aging care is being set in our community. To explore what aging innovation means, we spoke with several local

HealthConomy: A look inside AARP Innovation Labs with Nigel Smith

The Health Enterprises Network recently hosted Converge Louisville, a conference focused on innovative solutions to the social and clinical determinants of health impacting seniors.  During the conference, Medical News spoke with Nigel Smith, Director Hatchery Ventures, AARP Innovation Labs about orchestrating the value exchange in age tech. Medical News: A lot of our readers may

Bellarmine University has aging on its mind

By Kevin Hansen, PhD, JD Population statistics show that by the year 2030, more than 20 percent of Americans will be over the age of 65 (U.S. Census Bureau), and the number of older adults age 85 and older continues to grow. With this booming aging demographic, Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, recognizes the importance

In search of innovative solutions for caregivers

By Rebecca Rice Brown Caregivers are vital to our increasingly overburdened healthcare system: patients with identified caregivers have lower healthcare costs, close gaps in care at a higher rate, participate in clinical care programs more often, and feel more satisfied with their healthcare experience than those without identified caregivers. Even so, caregivers often report they

HealthConomy: A look inside Humana with William Fleming

As part of an ongoing series, Medical News and the Health Enterprises Network are partnering to tell the healthcare story for the Greater Louisville region. Each month, we will feature an interview with a local healthcare executive as we explore the business of healthcare in our region. This month, we spoke with William Fleming with

Medical News partners with Health Enterprises Network to tell the healthcare story

By Ben Keeton With over 450 companies working in the business of healthcare, Kentucky is often touted as a healthcare hub, especially as it relates to healthcare services and aging care.  From large corporations like Humana and Kindred to start-up companies like RCM Brain and EdjAnalytics, the region is flush with interesting stories and potential