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Legislation update

By Kenny Colston While Kentucky has turned over its Medicaid rolls to managed care companies, started a health benefit exchange and expanded Medicaid, the health and welfare committee of each legislative chamber has seen huge workloads the last few General Assemblies. And 2014 will be no different, according to each respective committee chair. “We always

Care First Kentucky Coalition Calls for Medical Review Panel Legislation during 2014 Session

Kentucky’s healthcare providers are taking a stand to protect all caregivers against aggressive personal injury lawyers and meritless lawsuits that pull precious resources away from patient care. Today, a broad group of Kentucky healthcare and business leaders joined forces as the Care First Kentucky Coalition to urge legislators to fix Kentucky’s broken medical malpractice system.

Patent Reform is Critical to Innovation in Kentucky

As a startup founder in Kentucky’s science & technology sector, I have had the opportunity to develop many great relationships in the state with other entrepreneurs, technologists, and contributors to this emerging ecosystem. Contrary to its national reputation, Kentucky boasts disproportionate clout in entrepreneurship. The fundamental goal of Kentucky’s growing startup sector is to take