November issue articles

The power of collaboration

Working together to deliver exceptional, patient-centered care. By William A. Fera, MD We are entering a new horizon in healthcare. The delivery system is transforming rapidly from siloed, provider-centered, volume-driven care to integrated, patient-centered, outcome-driven care. In the years to come, the key to achieving high performance and patient-centered goals will be the ability for

Predictive analytics

Unique form of statistics uncovers vital data to advance the future of healthcare. By Dave Dimas, PhD Ever wonder how Facebook knows who you should add to your “Friend” list or how Amazon delivers well-timed buying suggestions? These are some of the intriguing applications that involve the use of predictive analytics. This unique form of statistics

Lean management principals

How to eliminate waste in just about every operational process in your practice. By Steve Schulz As medical practices look ahead to 2013 for ways to control costs and improve operational efficiency, it is time to look at a couple of options.  One might be considered non-traditional but can yield interesting results, lean management.  And

Physician burnout

Culture of medicine blamed for physician burnout epidemic. By Chelsea Nichols The Mayo Clinic defines burnout as a three pillar syndrome. A low sense of personal accomplishment, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization—treating people as an object instead of human—create what we know as burnout. Virtually every physician experiences burnout at some point in their career, the

Long live the king

Corporate succession plans critical to maintaining healthy organizations. By Cindy Sanders With the exception of the occasional coup, those who inhabit the royal world understand the path to throne is clearly delineated.