October 2013 articles

A marriage or a divorce

Kosair Children’s Hospital and Kentucky Children’s Hospital want to advance pediatric care in Kentucky. Not everyone is happy about it. By Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman In a state where approximately 25 percent of the 4.4 million residents are children, improvement in child health is exactly what Kentucky needs.  The Commonwealth has one of the highest rates of pediatric obesity in

Making geriatrics a primary

As baby boomers age, and the need for geriatricians grows, medical students interest in the field wanes. By Lynne Jeter Ken Brummel-Smith, MD, almost bypassed specializing in geriatrics because of the lack of educational opportunities at medical schools during the early 1970s, when he attended and the lack of geriatric residency slots nationwide. Instead, it was a chance encounter that sculpted

Combating rising healthcare costs

The impact of tort reform in Kentucky. By A. Courtney Guild, Esq. In March 2013, Kentucky Senate Bill 9, which would have established a medical review panel system for use in civil litigation relating to long term care facilities, was withdrawn from consideration in the House before it could be voted on in the legislative session. This provision would have allowed for tort