Meet Tom Miller, CEO of UofL Health


Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Family and pets: Wife, Mary; Daughters Laura and Shelly; Caring for two grand-dogs for my daughters.

Hobbies: Avid golfer (single digit handicap) going to the beach, every sport, fishing, jet skiing and boating.

Currently reading: “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life,” by Jen Sincero (Running Press Adult) and “Me,” by Elton John (Henry Holt and Co.)

Favorite vacation spot: Panhandle of Florida (Sandestin)

Education: Master’s Degree in Hospital and Health Administration, Health/Health Care from University of Alabama at Birmingham. Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies at Auburn University.

Previously worked: Most recently worked as the president and CEO of Quorum Health in Nashville, Tenn. Has had over 30 years of experience in healthcare with leadership roles at places such as president of Community Health Systems in Franklin, Tennessee, CEO of Lutheran Health Network in Fort Wayne, Indiana and various positions with Hospital Corporation of America in Nashville, Tennessee.

Medical News: Were you in leadership roles early on?

Tom Miller: I was the CEO of a hospital before I turned 30 and have enjoyed every day. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone who is ill get better. While I am not a clinician, I do hope I have a part in the healing process.

MN: Tell me about your management approach in your new role.

TM: Hire great people, find the resources they need to be successful and get out of the way. I also can be very direct with people. Some might call it a flaw, but generally no one questions where I stand or my beliefs.

I enjoy knowing every detail about the organizations I lead. It allows me to make better decisions. I believe most team members want to make a difference. My goal is to inspire them to do things that they did not think were possible and thank them for the outstanding effort. The strength of a hospital is not the bricks and mortar, but the people who come here every day committed to help others.

I am transparent, honest and straight forward with them. And while I strive to express my gratitude, it is something I am always trying to improve.

MN: Tell me about your first job out of college.

TM: I was general manager of a grocery store. I have a twin brother and older brother and we worked in the grocery business since we were 15, from bagger to manager. This was a local chain of stores and we were the general managers at three of them at the same time. I retired after 10 years to become a hospital CEO.

MN: What advice do you give to graduating college students?

TM: Be passionate about what you do. Hard work will not hurt you!

MN: Where do you do your best thinking?

MN: I am thinking all day long. New issues and problems can come up at any time, my job is to find solutions and provide resources to turn these into opportunities. But I sleep like a baby at night!

MN: What are your goals for UofL Health in 2020? 

TM: I have one goal: to improve the health of the community we serve while being compassionate and respectful to all.

MN: Any final big-picture thoughts on how you’re going to approach your new role, and how you want to make your mark at UofL Health?

TM: Achieve the goal above, while helping to improve access to care at a value to our patients. At UofL Health, we have an additional opportunity to provide our community the most advanced leading-edge care, in connection to the research and training at the University of Louisville. We are developing the care today that other health systems will offer years down the road.

I do have one second goal. I want everyone to think healthcare first, when they hear UofL vs. basketball or football. It’s a long shot, but worth the effort.