The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky places mission-aligned entities under one roof.*

By Chelsea Nichols

Envisioned as a “hub for nonprofit work,” (c)space is the latest project from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. The nonprofit, philanthropic organization wanted to do something in addition to its grant-making that would continue to improve health as well as access to healthcare. Chief operating officer, Mary Jo Shircliffe, pitched the concept of a nonprofit center to the board of directors.

“[They] embraced the idea as a more impactful solution than simply renting space for our offices alone,” she said. “(c)space is a tangible product of the Foundation’s efforts to collaborate and strengthen nonprofits that are working to make Kentucky a better play to live, work and play.”

Positive Atmosphere for Productivity, 
(c)space is part of a 28,000-square-foot office building owned by The Foundation. The 5,000-square-foot office includes common areas, full kitchen facilities, a multi-tenant server and free parking. Tenant space ranges from a simple workstation to private offices. A modern conference center accommodates more than 100 people and includes video conference capabilities.

The layout, Shircliffe said, creates a positive atmosphere for productivity and creativity.

“(c)space brings together different skill sets and points of view in a group of occupants all committed to improving life in Kentucky, making this a healthier and more productive state. Those working at (c)space will be able to share concepts and ideas with one another,” she said.

Seeking Specific Tenants
To stay true to the vision, (c)space is specifically for tenants who fall under one of five categories:
1. Funders – philanthropic organizations that make grants or investments in the Commonwealth.

2. Nonprofit, (501c3) organizations – strictly needing office space and not offering direct client or patient services.

3. Professional services – such as legal, accounting and IT work with nonprofit clients.

4. Researchers – organization with research initiatives that inform health policy.

5. Technical assistance – providers who can provide assistance to nonprofits in a certain area such ascommunications or sustainability.

“The aim is to get ‘mission-aligned’ entities under one roof, so we can work smarter together and go further in our efforts to improve the quality of life in Kentucky,” Shircliffe said. “The diversity of work by the various agencies and individuals that will utilize (c)space will serve as a ‘melting pot’ for new strategies and approaches to challenges faced in many areas that intersect with health, such as education, economic development and the environment.”

*(c)space is located at 1640 Lyndon Farm Court, Suite 100 in Louisville, Ky., 40223. There will be an open house on May 19 from 4 – 7 p.m.


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