Louisville Worksite Wellness Conference Recognizes Local Employers

The conference took place on May 21st in Louisville, Kentucky with Louisville being the very first city in the state to adopt the employer recognition program framework developed by State of Wellness,  with the  Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s Health Scorecard using evidence-based criteria.

This recognition program gives employers a genuine baseline from which to develop a truly comprehensive worksite wellness program, while celebrating their efforts to date.  The program was delivered in cooperation with the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) with key guidance from Teresa Lovely MS MCHES, KDPH  Worksite Wellness Program Manager, who worked with Louisville to expand the recognition to allow other employers across the state to participate.

Plans are in the works for several more communities within Kentucky to recognize local employers in association with one day conferences or events in various locations across the state before the end of 2014.