Medical News partners with Health Enterprises Network to tell the healthcare story

By Ben Keeton

With over 450 companies working in the business of healthcare, Kentucky is often touted as a healthcare hub, especially as it relates to healthcare services and aging care.  From large corporations like Humana and Kindred to start-up companies like RCM Brain and EdjAnalytics, the region is flush with interesting stories and potential for innovative changes that will cause ripples across the healthcare sector.

While we often see the names of the companies on buildings or hear about their work in earning reports, the stories behind the companies often go untold.  Medical News is partnering with the Health Enterprises Network to explore the history of the healthcare companies and start to tell the healthcare story.

The Health Enterprises Network, leads, organizes and facilitates region-wide economic growth in the healthcare sector through a theme-based approach to programming and initiatives.  In early 2019, the organization shined a light on the 450 businesses with the launch of the Network Map.  The Network Map includes a compilation of the city’s healthcare history, laying out the story of healthcare excellence in Louisville through a timeline from the city’s origin to its modern-day evolution into the aging care epicenter of the nation.


“Creating a compelling narrative of Louisville’s historic strengths in health and aging care is essential to fostering future growth and attraction in the sector,” explained David Buschman, managing director of Health Enterprises Network. “The ‘Louisville Map of Health-Related Companies’ is a much-needed component in Louisville’s unified economic development toolbox. It’s an opportunity to come together to celebrate the city’s long history of health-related excellence and showcase the present-day connectivity of local ecosystem.”

Medical News and the Health Enterprises Network will build on this momentum with the development of a series of articles and interviews in this newspaper and a soon to be launched podcast.  These interviews will focus on the leaders of the leading organizations and the history of the development of healthcare businesses in our region.

We look forward to exploring the businesses that make up the healthcare sector in our region.  If there is a business or individual that you would like us to interview, please send me an email ( and let me know.


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