Meet Your Provider: Sam Millhollen, graduate of Spencerian College


Provider_sammillhollanFast Facts

Sam Millhollan

Degree: Graduated from the radiologic technology program at Spencerian College in 2004.

Current Position: Director of Practice Operations and Ancillary Services at the Norton Medical Group Administration

Why did you chose this field?

I was always intrigued by the human anatomy. I saw from an early stage that medical imaging challenged one’s ability to visualize something that was otherwise not seen by the naked eye. I wanted to be able to provide those necessary diagnostic tools that play such a huge role in patient care and diagnosis. X-ray is an art form, a painting on a canvas. It challenges you to provide the absolute best art work you can every single time to make the unseen, seen.

What was your experience like at Spencerian College?

Spencerian has been important to me and my professional journey, both as a student and an educator.  Spencerian provided the foundation that helped me stabilize my professional career. If it were not for the education, clinical knowledge and lessons learned, I would not be where I am today. My radiologic technology degree was the corner stone. It allowed me to move on to other advanced opportunities within medical imaging. Also, it provided a foundation to my undergrad degree in healthcare administration which I completed just two years after graduating from Spencerian.

What are your responsibilities at Norton Healthcare?

I’m responsible for day-to-day operations of multiple primary care offices, as well as specialty practices, in addition to all radiology and laboratory operations for the entire medical group. All these responsibilities relate to what I learned and experienced at Spencerian either in the classroom, in the clinical setting or with the many relationships and networking connections obtained while at Spencerian.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I have a passion to get back to teaching part-time. I was previously an adjunct instructor at Spencerian in the radiology department. I also plan to stay with Norton Healthcare.