Nazareth Home becomes first nursing home accepted into Working Group

The International Working Group on Compassionate Organizations announced that Nazareth Home — a long-term care facility in Louisville, Kentucky — is the first nursing home in the world to be accepted as an organizational member of the Working Group. Nazareth Home has met the Working Group membership requirements and strives to embody the seven values of the Working Group: compassionate action, effectiveness, connection, wisdom, integrity, responsiveness, and responsibility. Nazareth Home is a 168 bed long-term care and rehabilitation center with specialty programs for short-term rehabilitation, memory care, and skilled and long-term nursing care.

Nazareth Home’s acceptance as a Working Group organizational member is an acknowledgement of the facility’s proactive “person-centered” approach to care. Their membership sets a high standard for other nonprofit organizations throughout the world who are applying for membership in the Working Group. “When I met with the leadership of Nazareth Home, it was clear to me that they were deeply committed to compassion as a key organizational value. They truly care about those residing in their facility, have a high degree of professional excellence, and are actively involved in supporting the community,” said Ari Cowan, Chair of the International Working Group on Compassionate Organizations. “They are a model for other nursing homes throughout the world.”

Nazareth Home becomes first nursing home organization accepted as a member of the International Working Group on Compassionate Organizations IWGCO “It’s important to focus on the local needs of our greatest generations, first, and if we all do what we can to help our neighbors, we can have a tremendous impact on our aging community.” That is the message stated repeatedly at Nazareth Home “I’ve never seen people so dedicated and caring as I have here,” said Michael Buckman, Director Development. “We are a 24/7/365 operation, but employees here make time for our community through volunteering and being fully present whenever they can and continue to care for our seniors.” Buckman added, “I’m very proud to share that our team continues to give more each year. Aging and death, while part of life, are uncomfortable topics for many, and are often avoided. Our population is aging rapidly and we must have compassionate and meaningful conversation about ‘getting older.’ We are here to be the steady hand, accepting heart, and inviting smile for those who need us at the vulnerable times of their life.”


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