New and improved

Take a glimpse into the new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital campus.

by Tracy McQueen and Gordon Wilkerson
Larger patient rooms. Enhanced security and safety measures. Customer service representatives to help you find your way and get the services you need. That’s just the beginning of what you’ll find at the new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital that opened its doors to patients on June 1.

The nine-story building sits on Owensboro’s east side—just off Highway 60. The hospital is futurist in its structure, technology and design, yet surrounded by a serene campus. The glass exterior allows the sun’s rays to illuminate the hospital’s interior. Each patient room offers a picturesque view of the 162-acre campus with ponds, gardens and trees.

Visitors and patients are greeted by a spacious lobby with original works of art. Elevators allow easy access to the public areas. The first floor also includes a gift shop and chapel.

“Our new hospital is a place where some of the best and most-qualified physicians and nurses are working together,” said Jeff Hastings, one of the hospital’s chaplains. “Families are able to stay with their loved ones, and in turn, help them heal quicker.”

Raising the Bar for Patient Care
Patient rooms are comfortable for patients as well as families. They accommodate the latest technology—including bedside electronic charting that allows doctors, nurses and other staff to provide the highest quality patient care.

“Each floor is designed for premium efficiency,” said Jeff Barber, president and CEO of Owensboro Health. “Every patient room provides maximum comfort and functionality.”

Tools for care are out of sight but within easy reach. All utilities—including ports for lines, drains and airways—are hidden on panels behind patient beds. This arrangement allows nurses to quickly provide whatever the patient needs. Rather than a central nurses station, a work area is tucked outside each patient room, allowing nurses to stay closer to patients.

The television set in each room also serves as an education and entertainment center—similar to what guests would find in a hotel room. Patients can watch educational videos to help them learn more about their diagnosis, or find out how to manage diseases like diabetes, congestive heart failure or lung disease. T.V.s also play family-friendly movies and provide a “spiritual and emotional calming channel” in addition to regular television programming.

Ramped Up Service, Heightened Security
Anyone coming into the main lobby or the emergency department will be greeted by customer service representatives, who specialize in helping people find their way through  the building and getting to the services they need.

The hospital also features a number of security enhancements, particularly overnight. From 10 p.m. through 5 a.m., visitors must check in with the customer service representative in the front lobby. In turn, the visitor receives an identification badge that also serves as a key to the elevator—allowing access only to the floor where the patient’s room is located.

Families Welcome
Because families play significant roles in patient care, seven hospitality suites will soon be open for people to stay overnight to be near critically ill family members.

They will include a king- or queen size bed, sofa sleeper, living room with television, kitchenette, desk, private bath and access to laundry facilities. A commons area will feature a place for children to play.

“The main thing is that the family can be close when needed, sometimes in the middle of the night, when it’s difficult to get back to the hospital quickly,” said Waitman Taylor, executive director of the Owensboro Health Foundation. “Families can safely come and go as needed, without having to bear the extra burden of extended travel.”

A nominal rate will be charged to stay in the hospitality rooms and the foundation will continue to seek funding to maintain them.


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