Norton Healthcare announces $1.2 million commitment to Simmons College

Russell Cox, president and CEO, Norton Healthcare, announced a $1.2 million grant to Simmons College of Kentucky in West Louisville.

Given through Norton Healthcare’s James R. Petersdorf Fund, the grant will help the historically black college with educational and program initiatives. It also will support facility improvements to enhance student and faculty experiences.

“When we announced our $5 million investment in the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center last fall, we made a long-term commitment to the West End, and we’re following through on that promise,” Cox said. “Education is a key component to health and positive change in our community. We’re excited to support Simmons College and its legacy of preparing students for success.”

In addition to the grant, Norton Healthcare intends to build on its commitment to Simmons College by offering students internships and professional opportunities.

“Norton Healthcare has a diverse workforce committed to serving the healthcare needs of our community,” said Kelly McCants, MD, acting executive director, Norton Healthcare Institute for Health Equity. “We want to support those wishing to pursue a career in healthcare and give them the tools, skills and experience needed to succeed.”

“Simmons College is an institution dedicated to educating people in the urban context through strong academic and professional programs. Founded in 1879, it’s one of the oldest private HBCUs in America. These funds will help support our students so they may become agents of change in society,” said Dr. Kevin Cosby, president of Simmons College of Kentucky. “We look forward to partnering with Norton Healthcare.”

In June, Norton Healthcare announced five initiatives to address healthcare and racial inequalities in the community, including investing $20 million over five years to address health needs in underserved areas, such as the West End. The funds are being invested in permanent facilities and equipment in those neighborhoods.

Addressing Healthcare and Racial Inequalities

Russell Cox, president and CEO, Norton Healthcare, announced five initiatives that will be immediately developed and accelerated to address inequalities both internally and within the communities it serves:

  1. Establishing the Norton Healthcare Institute for Health Equity. The primary focus of the institute will be to identify and remove obstacles that prevent people in underserved areas from receiving the health care they deserve, as well as to eliminate disparities in care. There will be a national search, with a strong local focus, for an executive director who will report to Cox.
  2. Ensuring access to primary care for everyone. Health care is not just a privilege, but a right. Providing more convenient and geographically accessible primary care will help to level the playing field and ensure that all residents have an equal chance to live the healthiest life possible.
  3. Committing to mirror our community within the Norton Healthcare leadership team. Norton Healthcare has 16,500 dedicated providers and employees who work hard to care for our patients and community, but more diverse leadership is needed to better reflect our community and workforce. Initiatives will be activated to ensure all team members have an equal opportunity for growth, development and advancement.
  4. Providing more education and advocacy internally on health policy issues to help our workforce make more informed choices. Norton Healthcare will leverage the collective voice of our 16,500 employees to advocate for vital safety net programs, including Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  5. Investing an additional $20 million over five years to address health needs in underserved areas. The funds will be invested in permanent facilities and equipment in Louisville’s underserved neighborhoods.