OMHS joins Audubon International Signature Program

Effort will guide eco-friendly initiatives at new hospital.

Owensboro Medical Health System has recently registered its new, replacement hospital – opening in the summer of 2013 – as a member of the Audubon International Signature Program. OMHS is the first member in Kentucky and the first and only hospital worldwide to become a member.

Audubon International is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to educating, assisting and inspiring millions of people from all walks of life to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife and other natural resources around them. The focus of the program is to develop a comprehensive approach to promoting sound land management practices.Created over 19 years ago, the Signature Program was designed for projects in the planning and development stages. OMHS sought a relationship with Audubon because of the new hospital project and its interest in maintaining an environmentally friendly structure and grounds.

“We want to be eco-friendly and a good steward of the environment,” said Andy Hutchinson, landscape supervisor for OMHS. “Audubon will help guide our efforts while implementing a Natural Resource Management Plan, and for example, will help us in our water conservation efforts.”

“Through this program we work with landowners from the design stages through construction and then assist in establishing a maintenance program that focuses on sustainability,” said Nancy Richardson, Signature Program Director. The Signature Program is guided by the principles for sustainable resource management.

Based on the environmental framework provided by Audubon International, members must design and implement a Natural Resource Management Plan for the property by addressing the following issues: wildlife conservation and habitat enhancement, water quality monitoring and management, integrated pest management, water conservation, energy efficiency and waste management. The designation of Certified Signature Sanctuary is contingent upon the quality and completeness of the management plan and its implementation. To date, 92 projects worldwide have achieved signature certification.


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