Spencerian College students posted outstanding first-time pass rates

Spencerian College students in seven health-care related fields posted outstanding first-time pass rates on their Certification and Licensure Examinations.

Students in these programs posted the following first time pass rates:

  • Nursing (Associate Degree): 100%.
  • Surgical Technology: 100%.
  • Medical Laboratory Technology: 100%.
  • Radiologic Technology: 100%.
  • Respiratory Therapy: 100%.
  • Practical nursing: 97%.
  • Phlebotomy: 95%.

“These results speak to dedication,” said Spencerian College Executive Director Jan Gordon. “The dedication of our students and the dedication of our faculty and our staff, which brings tremendous experience and longevity to the classroom and the learning experience. They put the students first, and that certainly shows in these results.

“Across the board,” Gordon said, “we are very, very proud.”

Along with classroom and practical, hands-on instruction, Spencerian College provides students with a testing environment that prepares them for what they will experience in taking licensing and certification exams. In some programs students take mock exams as part of their preparation said Maria McCormick, Director of the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

“Spencerian offers a very nurturing environment,” McCormick said. “It’s a very good culture. When the students know you care, they perform.”

“We make sure they are ready,” said Dean Linda Blair. “We give them experience in what the licensing exam is all about.”


Gordon said the entire culture at Spencerian College is based on preparing students for careers and jobs outside of the classroom.

“The Licensure and Certification exams are major steps for a student,” she said. “As the school’s executive director, I know I have the people who care enough to assist their students to be successful.

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