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Team effort: Primary care doctors can decrease dental caries with fluoride treatment

  Dental caries is the most common infectious disease of childhood especially in young children age two to five. For years, nondental primary care clinicians, particularly family physicians and pediatricians, have been asked to help address this issue in two major ways: counseling on appropriate preventive techniques and prescribing fluoride supplements in children who do

Integrated preventive care means better oral health outcomes for kids.

According to the recent article “Offering Oral Health Services in Your Office” in Family Practice Management, family practitioners have been addressing children’s oral health for years. But, there is a lack of guidelines for physicians to effectively incorporate oral health services into their primary care practices. To help with this, the article offers suggestions for better

Oral Health in Kentucky: Collaborative effort with mission to improve oral health of all Kentuckians.

  In 1990, a collaborative effort formed between the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry known as the Kentucky Oral Health Consortium. The Consortium, eventually renamed the Kentucky Dental Health Coalition, was involved in numerous oral health promotion projects such as the development of the Kentucky Smile