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Senate Bill 18: Kentucky’s legal liability climate impacts access to care

  Most people traveling into the Commonwealth take the “Welcome to Kentucky” sign for granted. But physicians should pay close attention because crossing the border can mean a big difference in terms of legal liability. Kentuckians want access to quality care from highly skilled medical professionals, and rightly so. Unfortunately, our current legal liability system

Tort reform and long-term care in Kentucky

    For years, various bills have been introduced in the Kentucky State legislature to create a means of limiting lawsuits by individuals and groups against nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other service providers for seniors. Many other states have implemented such “tort reform” laws, but none of any significance has been passed in

Combating rising healthcare costs

The impact of tort reform in Kentucky. By A. Courtney Guild, Esq. In March 2013, Kentucky Senate Bill 9, which would have established a medical review panel system for use in civil litigation relating to long term care facilities, was withdrawn from consideration in the House before it could be voted on in the legislative session. This provision would have allowed for tort