XLerateHealth holds Demo Day for second class

XLerateHealth concluded its second class of healthcare start-ups with a demonstration to a crowd of healthcare professionals at the Nucleus Building in Louisville in late October.  Each team provided polished presentations as an update while also pitching for potential partnerships and funding.

The event began with comments from Mert Iseri, co-founder of Swipe Sense, a hand hygiene company based out of Chicago.  His company helps  reduce hospital-acquired infections by using data collected  when healthcare workers use hand sanitizers.  The data is used to help reduce hospital-acquired infections by using data to improve the use of hand=hygiene protocols.

The second class of XlerateHealth graduates included:

NeuroAtlas is software that processes MRIs of the brain, creates a 3D image of the brain, analyzes it and produces charts that explain the brain’s strengths and weaknesses. This is a tool for early autism diagnosis.

Gyroskope is a private social network for senior citizens and their family and friends. It is meant to ease the feelings of boredom, loneliness and social isolation that many home-bound or institutionalized seniors feel and assuages the guilt of family who may be too far away to visit as often as they’d like. The platform also offers games and classic television shows and movies.

Lift3d uses the Microsoft Kinect gesture recognition hardware and software to document physical therapy. Physical therapists can spend 20 percent of their time during a patient’s visit on documentation. This frees up that time for more attention to the patient’s needs.

Medbiomarkers is a platform for researchers, medical practitioners, medical developers and healthcare enthusiasts to create and share studies about biomarkers.

Count.it is the “greatest, most social wellness challenge.” It connects with almost any wearable health tech device and helps employers offer office walking challenges, gym reimbursements, corporate perks and charity drives on a single platform. Count.it is launching a Louisville beta challenge on Dec. 1.

Blue Sky Case Management matches case mangers with developmentally disabled people who need around-the-clock care.

Personal Medicine Plus is a platform that allows doctors to set and monitor care-instructions for patients with pre-diabetes.