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Go Digital and Stay Sober

Go Digital and Stay Sober

The FDA now approves Digital Therapeutics. What are they? Basically, it’s Therapy delivered on an app. The app uses artificial intelligence to share guidance with people based on their responses to simple questions. The backbone for these systems is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). According to the American Psychological Association, CBT treats “what is going on

Mental Health Gets Better

The business of Mental Health continues to grow with innovation across major segments of the sector. Quartet Health and Headway enable the provider side of the business. They offer provider matching and referral services, help with practice workflow and integrate with electronic health records to support value base care payments. Targets include the entire spectrum

Fear vs. Relationships – Balance Sells More

Healthcare is more competitive than ever: Point solutions nip away at revenue, venture capital firms lock up large companies with novel partnerships, and larger mergers continue. Companies with an established pipeline have a leg up. If they serve their customers well and exceed expectations, then happy customers = retention. Retention = growth. Companies that aren’t

Kentucky-based EmsanaRx Forge Partnership with Mark Cuban to Make Lower-Cost Medicines Available to Employers

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) and EmsanaRx, PBC, the only pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) built by employers, for employers, today announced a collaboration with the launch of EmsanaRx Plus, a first-of-its-kind supplemental drug discount product designed specifically for employers as a standalone pipeline for lower-cost medicines that have been

Interview: Jennifer Yowler, President of PharMerica

Jennifer Yowler, a health care executive with more than 20 years’ experience, has taken the helm as president of PharMerica, which is a part of BrightSpring Health Services. Headquartered in Louisville, PharMerica is a leader in the long-term care (senior living communities, skilled nursing, hospice, behavioral), specialty, infusion, and hospital pharmacy industries with operations in

Doctors and lawyers partner up: Ensuring poor families get care and services needed

By Martha Hasselbacher, JD Both doctors and lawyers have professional ethics that require them to serve those who cannot afford their services. That is one of the factors that distinguishes these professions. How can they effectively work together to serve this population? The answer is a Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP). There are now 294 MLPs serving