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HealthConomy: A look inside Humana with William Fleming

HealthConomy: A look inside Humana with William Fleming

As part of an ongoing series, Medical News and the Health Enterprises Network are partnering to tell the healthcare story for the Greater Louisville region. Each month, we will feature an interview with a local healthcare executive as we explore the business of healthcare in our region. This month, we spoke with William Fleming with

Supporting healthcare providers through marketing and PR programs

By: Allison Gordon The Kentucky Society for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing (KSHPRM) is a group of public relations, marketing, physician recruiters/liaisons and development practitioners that represent Kentucky’s hospitals and healthcare-related organizations. It promotes the understanding and support of healthcare providers through marketing and public relations programs. There are 187 members, 85 hospitals and organizations

Round Table: Marketing in the healthcare industry

We talked to marketing and PR folks across the state to hear their thoughts on marketing trends in the healthcare industry. Below are the highlights. Medical News: Is healthcare marketing different than other types of marketing? If so, how is it different? Andrea Brady Senior Strategist, C2 Strategic Communications Effective healthcare marketing leverages many of the

Medical News partners with Health Enterprises Network to tell the healthcare story

By Ben Keeton With over 450 companies working in the business of healthcare, Kentucky is often touted as a healthcare hub, especially as it relates to healthcare services and aging care.  From large corporations like Humana and Kindred to start-up companies like RCM Brain and EdjAnalytics, the region is flush with interesting stories and potential

US Senate takes on major health legislation

By Ben Keeton In late June, Senator Alexander introduced a broad bill focused on lowering healthcare costs across the US. This legislation passed the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee and if passed, will have implications across the healthcare sector in Kentucky. The wide-ranging bill aims to tackle many issues including: surprise medical bills,